I put on a dress. A smile. A wiped my tears and put this song. I tried to feel like a princess. But Im not a princess. My posture is slouched. Keep your head up, your crown is gonna fall. My crown is too heavy. I smiled and then my mother walked in. Whats the point of this? Spend time with me, and then youll have no reason to be sad. And she saw my dress and told me to get off of Instagram and go to sleep. Im not. I have a 3k writing piece I left till the last moment to do. Due at midnight. Bye, guys.

Fact is he stole her coffee xD


Thank GOD it is 2019 and we can fully embrace our black beauty. That must have been so very hard, but she would have come out better if she'd just said that she was an orphan. Did they feed well those chimps during the making of movie.

It must take a lot of time to hold the book on their head

I like how it says its based on millions of true stories. Amy makes really good movies. Well this combines 2 of my favourite things Strong women, and the 80s. Victoria Secret should have Little Mix as their Models too. I mean, they have visuals and good physique? Thank You so much for 50 likes. I am indian girl Aastha 👩 I love your all videos 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘 Ariana Grande,Camila Cabello,Anne Marie, Selena Gomez,beba reksa,and more I love these all. Did you do the instrumental too.


0:33 She can't see glass. Goosebumps. while the plot twist. BREEZY :D. So i decide to watch 'Man i feel like a woman. and YT pops Queens, I want to Break Free' as recommend in the side bar. Touche YT, touche... Just watched this movie and cried my eyes out. As a victim of bullying in middle school, this movie really made me wonder about the people who bullied me and what they may have been going through. All high schools and middle schools need to show this film. I cried this is probably one of the best movies I've seen, multiple times I wondered if it was real footage because the acting was so good.

For some odd reason the song helps me calm down. Ariana doesnt need autotune... autotune needs her.