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Perfect mix of rap and rock, loved this song back in the day and still love it today.


In the last clip the qb thought he threw a touchdown pass lmao he celebrates way to early

Does anyone else notice the anime references XD. 2:45 I have to fight myself not to headbang. When you have to finish that last part of your run and you're this song. 1:54 when there's one pack of Scooby doo gummys left. I played this song rolling up to a party. it was the best. Realest ghettos reply. I just can't stop listening to this. This is awesome and powerful track. Greetings from Latvia who reads this comment. THIS JUST DONT EVER GET OLD.

0:11 makes me cringe everytime, it litterally looks like he gets hit by a semi truck

PLEASE, COME TO 7 A 1 UMA DELICIA. Mélange de rap et métal jai etait les voir en concert il passer second l'ambiance et la mais j'ai pas du tout accrocher ! vraiment bof bof... HARD like ROCKWELLIER.


“What kind of music do you listen to?” Rock+Rap “Rack. wait.”. Im in football and showed this to my mom and shes freaking out lol. Where's my Chicago boys at. 3:42 when you try to get girls in kindergarten Edit: OMG THANKS. I've never had this many likes tysm. 3:41 - Never even saw it coming. That's what she said. THIS SONG IS FUCKIN AWESOME. I know I'm probably twisted for finding it hilarious when their helmets fly off. XD. 37 people must've had their buttholes ripped outta place.