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Up from Slavery.






2:08 chapter 5. Wow, Gugu mbatha-raw is such a beautiful woman, so is this movie. Can't wait to watch it. Draco Malfoy, still against half-bloods.


Thanks, this audio book is a gem.






I would be terrified of I was kidnapped and then became a slave for TWELVE YEARS. that's poor man.


Why you little ferret Draco. This movie really broke my heart. It's sickens me how society was back in that white people were so sadistic and ruthless with slaves, and from what I saw in the movie, they received pleasure from the pain. Many of the scenes were too disturbing to I'm glad this movie came out to expose those who treated others monstrously then and how society is united now. Holy cow, this brought me to tears. I cannot wait.

Where will we get the full movie.


Loved it! I watched it late last night. The approach that they took with up (all things considered) being even better than the approach I was hoping for. The dialogue was flawlessly written. Of course the acting was great. (yeah, I wish they could widened the scope just a tiny bit more, but I guess they didn't have a Disney-sized budget to work with.