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Now I feel like digging up my Nintendo Ds and play. Hope it still works. The Rock: I AM HERCULES! Disney Hercules: No, your not. No way! They are totally Dwayne Johnson's Hercules by airing first. I am Hercules~ hilarious and EPIC. Spoiler alert! Kratos kills him the end. Love these old autiful women and built that the human race took a wrong turn during the Bronze age. Can you Imagine anyone being upset over the death of that dickless wonder that got killed by the lion? What a walking pair of labia. Spiffing accents. Not a moment of overacting *coughs. the chaps wear shorter skirts than the girls. loves this. He plays a really good white person.

This trailer is too reaviling. I can especially see that now, after I watched the film, which was good btw. Not brilliant, but definitely good fun. I suggest making a movie based only on historical facts, about Vlad Tepes, not fictional Dracula. I would had loved to have Katana in the game. Omg! that song again! it is called 'everybody wants to rule the world' by Lordes. It was also used for the trailer AC Unity. Imagine if Arnold Schwarzenegger played this movie, ohhh man.

BRASIL! Yeah... Know one knows. Steve Reeves was the best actor for historic movies in his time. 0:35 Ok, Rattner, you got my omney. Looks awesome. Great trailer. HERCULES.