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I'm not goin' down that easily. The pure love in their eyes. and people say romance is dead 😭. Goes to LA Lucifer: We have a new case, detective. And now the model (Cailin Russo) is a singer. She has some good songs.


HINO ACLAMADOπŸ’œπŸ‡§πŸ‡·. Who else is here because of the Billie Eilish vine? πŸ˜‚. So don't give up on me. You Matter To Me - Waitress. Sarah's face omg x'D. I LOVE YOU JORDIN! MY QUEEN. Its really sweet especially when you think about the implicationsπŸ’œ. Apr 3, 2017 This is my cover of the song "You Matter To Me" from the Musical "Waitress. It's composed.Duration: 3:36 Posted: Apr 3, 2017. Im reading the book and Im so tempted to watch the movie but I have to finish the Book firstπŸ’€. The Dear Baby got me 😭😭😭. I read this book. It was nice. Apr 28, 2019 Hear the pair sing the iconic ballad 'You Matter to Me' below. Broadway Shows Broadway Musicals Broadway Plays Off-Broadway Download the TodayTix app for tickets. VIDEO: Shoshana Bean and Jeremy Jordan Sing 'You Matter to Me' From WAITRESS. Click Here to Watch the Video.

This song makes Jenna and Potmatters affair more intimate and steamy. Beautiful. I already know this gonna be dope, they put 2pac Keep ya head up in trailer! <3.


This is a horror movie that WORTH watching. I've watched the movie before the trailer. This trailer is a total spoiler showing the exact key moments in the movie. Jun 3, 2016 You Matter to Me Lyrics: I could find the whole meaning of life in those sad eyes / They've seen things you never quite say, but I hear / Come out. Rating 5.0 (4. VIDEO: Rachel Zegler and Antonio Cipriano Sing 'You Matter to Me. I LOVED THIS MOVIE. THAT'S THE BEST STATEMENT I CAN EVER SAY. ALTHOUGH I LOVED THE EYEBROW MOVEMENTS BY BOTH OF THEM😭😍😍😍😍 GOSH IM IN LOVE.




MARIAH. why did you have to go and make me all emotional. you two are so good, this is beautiful. Beautiful, and the dancing added a whole new element. I'd love to hear more duets from musicals with you and Evynne - maybe We Kiss in a Shadow (the King and I) If I Loved You (Carousel) or Tonight (West Side Story. I could really feel the emotion of this song. Brilliantly done, Peter and Evynne! You two are amazing.

You guys are literally the perfect couple wtf stop it. 02:18 am gonna dance till my right knee bleed god damn it. Very good Performance. Your voice is so perfect 😍. As soon as I saw this I knew it would hurt me and it did how dare u be so beautiful. This is so cute 😍. Wow my grand kid loves you she wants to see you so much. Jeremy sung this song so well! Saw it in Tempe and wow all the actors were great πŸ˜„. That was lovely. Hey, i'm giving a second comment, i'v been hearing this song in the past week over and over in loops. its mad crazy, i am in love with this song. its magical, and sweet with perfect harmony. thank you for making sutch beutifull songs! take care...

Both he and his wife have beautiful voices, they remind me of someone special. Who's here from colleen's vlog. SOMEONE GET NATALIE AS JENNA AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.