Rodents of Unusual Size




ROUS is a whimsical, quirky approach to the story of invasive species, something that can be really dry and boring to learn about. The film's human subjects are larger than life with fascinating stories, and the film weaves them together in an unforgettable story of people, animals, and culture.


Before seeing this film, I didn't quite know what to expect. But I was almost immediately blown away by how spectacular it proved to be.
Not only is the filmography and editing visually stunning and beautifully executed but the story and characters are refreshingly unique and weave a captivating tale.
I was transported into Louisiana and truly had a feel for the lives and culture of the area. Through the consistent theme of the nutria, this film was truly enlightening and entertaining. Touching upon so many unexpected topics such as fashion, cuisine, history, environmental issues, sports, and many more, Rodents of Unusual Size was extensively researched, informative, but most of all, enjoyable. The viewer meets so many complex and likable people with real stories that were relatable while also paradoxically being so foreign. Through their tales (again, mostly centered around nutria in various fascinating ways) the viewer has the pleasure of truly feeling connected and yearning for more.
I feel as if I am so much more informed of an entire culture, both with positives and negatives, that I wasn't even aware existed, which is a thrilling sensation.
When I noticed the film was almost over, I had two urges: the first was to restart it because I hadn't yet had enough of this fantastic film. The second was to immediately hop on a plane to Louisiana.




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