Mutluluk Zamani




Mutluluk Zamani is one of the best romantic comedy movies has been released recently. it has the most adorable couple in Turkey * Baris Arduc & Elcin Sangu * accompanied with one of the funniest comedian * Cengiz Boskurt. It is sort of inspiring movies that charges the audience gently to live with passion & purpose instead of seeking happiness. happiness will find them. It gives them hope to feel happiness in their ordinary imperfect lives. it is how to grow happiness among people you love. the relationship you build. the dream you chase. The love story within takes you to a trip to the wonderland where passion & romance are the happiness wings. I believe it is gonna be a new icon of love stories with this legendary couple they preform. The dream that comes true when we accept there is no such a thing called perfection. but there is that kind of love that gives you the perfect life even with troubles. It shows us that life is not a race but it is a time to live the grace. And the supreme happiness of life is the conviction that you're loved. A very sweet meaningful movie shows us the treasure hidden within us waiting to be revealed in the right time with the right person. wish you enjoy it.