Searchers 2.0.4. Searchers 2.0 imdb. Official website. Searchers 2.0.1. Search 2.0. Searchers 2.0 2007. Searchers 2.0. Searchers 2.0 movie. Searchers 2.0.9. What a beautiful film- shot in Monument Valley! Dan Ferberg captured the mystery, awe, and danger of this magical place- pack your bags for this modern day road movie!
Alex Cox has a talent for casting great and under appreciated talent. Del Zamora, a Chicano chameleon of an actor- who always surprises with his unique and very human portrayals. Sy Richardson- adds texture & suspense. Ed Pansullo seems so real- I couldn't help but laugh and newcomer, Jaclyn Jonet, plays Deliah, the sassy & spirited daughter to Zamora- good job!
Alex Cox seems to be able to put his finger on the pulse of our times; I found myself annoyed, as the characters constantly text messaged through out the movie and their constant frustration & struggle over obtaining gasoline for their HUGE SUV- and then realized it was my own self, I was annoyed at- my own need for constant consumption and stimulation. Are we a culture of computer & gadget freaks who are so hypnotized by our toys, that we miss the people, places and obvious world issues, blowing out from under our noses? This movie made me think and reconsider some of the attitudes that behaviors that I have, as a plump bellied American- lulled by the media into a daze, as the world around us suffers from our gas & gadget driven lifestyle.
Keep bringing it on Alex Cox! You are one of the few storytellers who seems uninfluenced by corporate money making greed of the big studios. Thank you for telling it like it is.


Searchers 2.0.0.





Is it just me or does Eddie look like Mike aka Finn Wolfhard from stranger things. Perhaps the first scene you show, Ethan's response is horror because his true love (Martha) and her children died in the flames. These McDonald trailers are getting out of hand. I've already seen the movie so I don't know what I'm doing here! •btw we have a youtube channel and have filmed videos related to IT. You lied and I died 💯🔥 he really wants to destroy them from the inside, the song makes it even better 💯💪🏾🔥. The scariest part of the movie is that Its coming out when my school starts.


Pennywise: I Dreamt Of You, I Craved You, I've Missed You. Losers Club: oh shIT, here we go again. 2:14 when I break through the bedrock in minecraft. November 2019? Anyone. When he said uaaaaaa I felt that. Friday the 13th : I have most the brutalist kills in history Child's play :I kill murder children and transfer my soul into them Pennywise : Hold my cup of coffee. Searchers 2.0. When you pull your cat out of the bathtub How the cat reacts: 2:04 What the cat thinks 2:00. Official website. Welcome to the reunion of the Loser's Club! Stan has left the chat. That demonic laugh at 2:08 like a siren blaring. Gives a guy chills. Me to my lil brother: “go hit that zombie pig man youll be fine.” my lil brother: 2:00.

Steven Spielberg steals the opening door scene from The Searchers in his movie Saving Private Ryan. The Scene where the mother sees the military and the preacher walking up the driveway to tell her her sons are dead. Get someone who talks to you like Pennywise talks to the Losers Club “I Dreamt of you” “I craved you” “I missed you”.

More like “Pennywide” with that forehead of his.
Georgie: You lied and I died. Me: I'm eating pie and you sigh.
Thank you Toby - your video essay motivated me to get the movie.

Literally the funniest and most chaotic horror movie Ive ever seen, its the best and worst thing Ive ever seen, its literally the original IT but on steroids, if u dont agree with this comment u clearly didnt watch the movie.




Searchers 2.0.



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Searchers 2.0 (2008) Two small-time actors (Del Zamora, Ed Pansullo) plot revenge on a screenwriter (Sy Richardson) who once abused them. Watch Online. Release Date: January 21st, 2008.


Searchers 2.0.