The Mask




The Mask.


This 2017 adaptation of the Mask is an independent affair and is one I'm very conflicted over.
For those of you unaware The Mask originated as a comic book and the 1994 adaptation featuring Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz had an entirely different tone. What I mean by that is the film was a family movie whereas the comic was dark, gory and anything but suitable for kids.
The Mask (2017) opts to follows the comics tone more, it still has its share of over the top token Mask moments but generally it's violent, bloody and doesn't appease the viewer with cuteness.
The trouble with it is though it's more loyal to the source material it doesn't quite manage it. The humor is mostly terrible and it's just not dark enough for the most part.
What I don't understand is how this cost 13 million to make, the sfx are terrible, the mask appearances are cheesy and the whole thing looks and sounds like a cheaply made independent movie. In fact the only place I can see where the money could have gone is the soundtrack and I question whether they even got the licenses at all.
Standing at almost two and a half hours it's quite the epic and has moments that got my attention. Sadly the majority just doesn't quite fit together very well and comes across as a disjointed fan film.
Won't appeal to fans of the original movie but those who enjoyed the comic might find value.
The Good:
Nod to the original movie
More like the original comic
A few great cast members
Decent soundtrack
The Bad:
Doesn't look like it cost 13 million!
Some really stupid moments
Too many needless cutaways.






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