This was an outstanding combination of comedy, mismatched duo, car buddies, classic comedy duo, and action. The movie starts off as a by-the-book officer played by Witherspoon is assigned to take the wife (Miss Sofia) of a crime lord to Dallas via car trip. Of course, nothing goes "by the book" and things go hilariously awry. Both ladies wind up driving each other crazy! you saw that one coming, didn't you? My favorite scenes include the ones in the convienience store, the one with the guy in the back of the truck, the guide bus, the part where "getting Coopered" is explained, and the climax at the quincenera. Everything was well done in this comedy as the two leads work well together, especially on the drive. I loved it, especially since I live in Dallas! If you are fan of the leads and the genres, you will LOVE the movie.
. out of.