“World records are met to be broken no matter what they are” quote Michael Phelps. The shoes un real. Clickbait w/ the “phelps” in title😤🤧🙄. Slow time. Next. Who else was bothered by lane one not tucking in the string to his suit. How do none of them have abs? i mean, for olympicly qualified swimmers they barely have any muscle, how does that work.

Florida was a bad decision. The coaches ( who were up in Dressels a ) totally neglected this kid with so much potential. Hopefully hes now in the right program. Rooney definitely have a chance to be under 51 (again) if his finish was perfect. His recent transfer to Texas can now be called a success already. 2020 is going to be crazy.

It's going to take sub 58 to medal in Tokyo. Masse and Baker will already be there and I'm guessing Regan Smith will be there, as well. The music in this stresses me out. We dont see many WR done in Us Soil. Perfect Race. Don't know what to say other than amazing.


SAM IS THAT YOU. 2:02:00. Yepppp my kathleen baker.