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Shaitani shabnam.





बचपन में वीराना फिल्म कौन कौन देखता था. All are saying that they love Allah but it is not Allah ot is Allah Talah. Beautiful ghost, i wish i find one just like her. Vijay Antony acting 👌👌, especially crime thriller. I love my Allah very much😍😍. I like horror movies very much. There is a scene of Lucy here 😀... pura ka PURA copy... that drugs scene... Abhi south v Hollywood se copy karne Laga he... hmm 🤔. Nice trailer. Masallah aaj se hum bhi amal karenge. रस्ते कही नहीं जाते आपको काहा जाणा हैं...

Movie me maza nahi aaya. Itna dangerous nahi lagraa. Comedy 🤣. This is 💩. I am waiting for the release. We need more than a dead-alive girl with make up and white eyes jump scares... 0:31 - 0:33 is added extra and all the stuffs are same from the teaser itself. Awesome. Movie. Jordara Ek baar. Dekhni. Chahiye Lekin. Fir. Akele me dar. Lagega Mene. Comments padhi. Lekin. Kisi. Ne. Review. Nahi. Likha Socha. Me. Likh du. Can't wait to watch this movie. seems refreshing. so nice to see rahul bose after such a gap. he's looking hot. Shefali shah's looking fit and fine after a long time. cool.

When will release? 🙏🙏🙏. Waiting for this movie. Low budget vfx and makeup: the usual b grade look.