When my phone says I got school 0:30. Rip juice wrld 🙏😢❤.

Me: sings until it gets to the beats Also me: starts tweaking

I'm surprised they didn't play Kickstart my Heart after the Nikki Sixx OD. Please someone tell me what the name of the song at the Rendondo Beach opening scene by the beach. Whos here after watching domislive. Noise cancelling head phones - these r so cool Apocalypse cancelling headphones- yes. I was adopted when I was 10 months old, I often wonder about my parents as well. Just thankful  my mother made the choice to give me a chance at a better life, that she could not provide Landed up with the BEST Mother  and  Father. GOD sent me to them Thank You LORD. AND  MOM.

Should be in theatres. Damn Netflix killin the game. I'm impressed. When you realize tommy lee was played by machine gun kelly. Is anyone litens this in October 2019? 😂😂 Edit: thank u for 370+ likes❤️❤️. My all-time favorite movie and theme song! ❤️. Me when logan lost his fight (I was so sad when he lost. Thanks for posting, been waiting ages for this film. I guess there's no chance Timothy Olyphant will be at the premiere in Galway. Just found a masterpiece, and become one of my best collection.