Germany: Are u sure u wanna do this, UK? I mean, what if. what If we're dangerous? USA: What if I am? Germany: NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN. Britain: dont invade Belgium Germany: how bout I do anyway. Millions of men died in WW1, and the ones who came back never really came back. This is probably one of my favorite episodes yet. Snipers are extremely interesting. Its the treaty of Brest-Litovsk rather in 5:01. Simple heads up loved the alternative reality. Meanwhile in the Russian front Dimitri drop your gun drop your gun drop your gun Now leave on the run on the run I hear them shooting you and me Every son of the Russian front. Cody:Germany would put the same sanctions on France if they won Me:remembers the Franco-Prussian war and yet no reparations. A great war! So great we won't need a second one.

Remove colours and put it in 144p for the most immersive experience

K A I S E R R E I C H. Gotta keep coming back for the intro. World War 1: IM THE WAR THAT WILL END ALL WARS! World War 2: are you sure about that. Germany's greatest mistake was aligning with Austria-Hungary and the Ottomans. Germany wanted an economic union centered around it EU. “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him... ” ― G. K. Chesterton.

Did they smoke pot in the trenches. My grandpa went to omaha on d-day. World War 1: advertises as “The War to end all Wars.” Hitler, an intellectual: is this the prequel to World War 2. Soldier: OFFICER! NOOOOOOO! I WANT TO HEAR THE FULL STORY. Snoiping's a good job, mate. What many forget, it wasnt Germany who started the war. It was the Austro-Hungarians, seeking revenge for the assassination of the heir to the throne. Germany became involved because the Slavic Juggernaut that is Russia (Tsarist or Putinist) decided that helping the Serbs worked in their favor, and in doing so would destabilize Austria. Has Austria approached the revenge of the Arch Dukes death differently, WITHOUT resorting to needing Germany, this all could have been much quieter. Austrian secret police round up the members of the Black Hand, make very public show trials, execute those involved. Then Austria attempts to both purge its Army rolls of Black Hand members, and offers Southern Serbs a bit of Self Rule. Stay true to the Hapsburgs, and ypu can have your little area of Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia. Heck the Austrian Emperor is willing to call this new southern slav Home Rule area Yugoslavia, with Sarajevo as the capital. The Austro-Hungarians expand a bit, cementing their areas. Germany pushes east, just enough to keep Russia on its toes. Germany will retake all of Poland. France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg all sign similar treaties, “if Germany comes for one, they come for all” Germany isnt worried about the fight with France and the low countries, nor does Italy offer anything outside of Popes and Ports.

Title: what it Germany won? Me: I would kill myself. The great war There's nothing great about wars.